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  • You can calculate the material required and cost for the system for your pond by entering a few details below. The cost of AirOxi aeration system varies from a few thousand rupees to a few lac rupees, depending on many variables. This cost calculator will give you an approximate idea of the material required and its cost.
  • As a thumb rule, you can consider 1 ton biomass of shrimp at harvest = 1 HP blower = 25 mtr AirOxi tube. Or 4 ton biomass of fish = 1 HP of blower = 25 mtr of AirOxi tube. Approximate cost for on pond of ! hectare would be INR 1.5 lac. However it would reduce with each addition of pond and area, since blowers, piping etc. can be shared between multiple ponds.
  • However this does not consider various things like species, type of pond, etc. You can use the calculator given here to get a more specific aeration design for your pond.
  • The aeration calculation provided here is approximate and based on common parameters that affect dissolved oxygen levels in a pond. For aeration requirement specific to your pond, please involve your aquaculture consultant. An accurate quotation can be had by using the prices of individual items in your local market.
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